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Qube Wire

Qube Wire LogoQube Wire is a powerful online key management and reporting service for digital cinema distribution, allowing filmmakers to quickly generate as many KDMs as required for their encrypted DCPs by accessing a comprehensive database of over 130,000 server certificates and cinema theatres that is continuously updated through strategic partners and crowdsourcing. This comprehensive database is invaluable for content owners, independent filmmakers, distributors and post-production facilities, who will no longer have to search for server certificates.

Qube Wire is protected by FIPS 140-2 certified hardware security modules and verifies the certificate chain so only devices from authorized manufactures can be added to the public theatre database.

Users create an account on, upload the DCP and DKDM, select theaters from the comprehensive Theatre Database and create bookings, all using a fast web user interface. Qube Wire can directly deliver the KDMs for each booking to theaters via email and in future, using the Theatre Key Retrieval protocol (TKR). also has a powerful API that allows for seamless integration of its KDM service with any digital cinema system, be it a mastering system or a client-owned movie booking system.

Additionally, Qube has developed a simple free DCP encryption tool called Qube Wire Desktop, for encrypting DCPs and uploading DKDMs directly to For users that already have a DCP creation application but do not have encryption and KDM generation options, the Qube Wire Desktop encryption app converts unencrypted DCPs into encrypted DCPs and ties into the Qube Wire online service to securely store the Distribution KDM.

At NAB 2015, Qube Cinema is previewing its enhanced Qube Wire platform with the addition of territorial restrictions, a powerful patent-pending feature and multi-level approvals, both of which allow technology to control the content distribution business like it has never before been possible.

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