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QubeCast is a unique media transmission system that uses Qualcomm's RaptorQ forward error correction (FEC) technology to securely move media over satellite and broadband networks much more efficiently than conventional IP based technologies such as ftp. QubeCast is designed to primarily handle multicast transfers and is simply the best solution on the market for digital cinema networks. QubeCast consists of a server component and a client component, each separately licensed.

  • Web-based UI allows transmissions to be initiated remotely over a secure connection
  • System provides overall status and detailed per-client status of each transmission
  • Throughput sustained irrespective of the latency of the network
  • Total transmission time for a large satellite theatre network only grows linearly
  • Can work on one-way multicast link, without a return path
  • Any available return channel allows clients to report status and improves transmission efficiency and reliability