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24 movie piracy issue: QUBE found out from where the pirated print came out on May 15,2016

Suriya’s latest film 24 directed by Vikram Kumar is running successfully all over. But, the pirated print of the film had come to internet sites on the first day itself. That was removed after the complaints from the team of the film to the cyber cell. But some days later, the pirated print came again and this time came in the streets of Bangalore in the form of CDs and DVD’s.

Gjanavel Raja, one who produced this film along with Suriya had started a strike by fasting by demanding action against this issue which is killing cinema industry. The QUBE Digital, satellite partner of the film claims that they found out from where the pirated print come out to the streets of Bangalore.

The print came out was recorded from a theater and QUBE claims that they found from which theater it came out, including the show time. As per their report, the pirated print had come out from the PVR Multiplex from Orion Mall Bangalore. The pirated print was made on May 6 and it was during the 9.45 AM Show that day.

They found out this using the Forensic Water Mark they used in the film. It will not be visible on screen but contains a specific identification code for each and every theater in which the film plays. We can find out the theater and show timings if a print leaks out from there using this method. The Green Studio, the production company saying that the pirated print came out with the help of the theater staff. Because they used a special cable for recording the sound. Green Studio had cancelled the license to show the movie in the screens owned by PVR in Bangalore.