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Qube Launches DCinema Production and Handling in Qube’s Online Management Service

IBC, September 12-16, 2014, Booth #7.F45

Amsterdam: Sep. 10, 2014…If production of digital cinema packages and the associated keys to lock those packages seems daunting or, in most cases, just plain expensive, then Qube Cinema is about to change that. Using over 25 years of industry knowledge, Qube have developed a series of products and is making them available online to the smallest filmmaker up to the largest studio. KeySmith is revolutionary, taking the key delivery mechanism to another level. Sign up, log in, choose your production and then choose your playout screens and KeySmith will send your KDMs directly to you or straight to the theatre to enable playback. It couldn’t be easier and, not surprisingly, has a price tag that matches that skill level. With a database of thousands of screens from crowdsourcing and very close ties to major post-production facilities, Qube allows you to easily search for your theatres and set the screening period. If you are worried about security, then fear not as KeySmith uses FIPS protected devices when working in your own secure environment.

Previously, there really wasn't much of a choice with DCP mastering - you either bought the product or you didn't do the job. Qube is now clearly offering a choice - buy the product or sign up and use it when you need to. With a suite of products available to take you from creation of DCP, including QubeMaster Xpress and Xport, through to key delivery and feedback, Qube provides you with everything that you need to get the job done, easily, correctly and on time. Mastering software packages Xpress and Xport have also been upgraded to complement the range, with encryption added to both products. This takes both of these products to the next level, with 4K and 3D already running, and nicely fits the range. Even if you don’t use Qube for your mastering but still need encryption, you can simply use Qube Locker - another new product specifically developed to make life as simple as possible.

To complement the range and offer complete control of your DCP mastering in a post-production environment, Qube has consistently developed QubeMaster Pro to make sure that today’s professional client has literally everything available when required.

Nigel Dennis, Head of European business said, “The post market and DCP production and handling in particular has really moved on here. Our online management service has promised a lot but this is clearly a win-win situation for everyone involved. I see this as becoming the norm and the further use of online services for all kinds of operations becoming standard operating practice.”

For more information about Qube products, contact Nigel Dennis at or +44 208 144 5661