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Maximizing Microcinema

As seen on, European Update

Qube Cinema concluded an agreement with d-cinema services and content provider Microcinema to supply servers and integrated media blocks to movie theatres throughout Italy. Since 2008, the two companies have installed Qube XP-D servers and, more recently, Qube XP-I servers (with Xi IMBs for full 4K playback and HFR 3D) in more than 250 locations, which are all linked via a dedicated bidirectional satellite line. Microcinema delivers films and HD alternative content and has facilitated no less than 28,000 screenings and 46,000 hours of satellite transmission ( FJI April 2012).

Qube pointed out that the jointly developed M-box interoperable server allows for both DCI-compliant and VC-1 encoded content. This dual-server set-up works in parallel with the same projector using all major TMS software and automations. Qube was the only company, said Silvana Molino, chief executive officer of Microcinema, “capable of realizing our idea of interoperability of DCI and non-DCI content. Qube delivers whenever we ask for experimentation and improvement.”