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What makes Qube Cinema a great place to work in? At Qube Cinema, we love our work and we love the people who make it work.

The people perspective:

  1. Family comes first: We value people in the workplace and take great effort to welcome you to the family. At Qube Cinema, new members are inducted into the company through several orientation and introductory sessions where you learn how the company works, our core values, vision and mission, and get to meet the people you will work with everyday as you learn the ropes. We have company picnics, celebrate festivals, in-office events and sessions – everything that will bring us closer together and build a healthy team spirit.
  2. You are important: Our company is a force to reckon with because of the people we have – reliable, enthusiastic, passionate and committed. You will be one among them and you contribute significantly to where Qube Cinema will go in the future. You are accountable and responsible as much as anybody that works with us in ensuring the success of the organization in every aspect. We respect freedom of thought, innovation, curiosity, learning and we reward your path to excellence with the Triple EEE awards – a company-wide recognition of your efforts.
  3. R&D: It’s not just our technology that needs to be researched and developed; your progress is equally vital and provided for. We give you every opportunity to improve upon yourself, your skills and qualifications, and ensure your experience at Qube Cinema is, in every way, an avenue where you are constantly developing and expanding your knowledge through training and learning on the job. We have an open door policy where everyone in the company, no matter their designation or authority, is approachable at all times. Employee reviews are held often to observe and discuss your work and performance areas.
  4. Growing up: Climbing up the corporate ladder is encouraged at Qube Cinema and we are pleased to say there are many in our family that have had the opportunity to progress up the rungs and make a name of themselves, their team, their division, their company. Advancement is encouraged and recognized. As we grow, so do you. Rest assured, we never leave you behind. As a company, we treasure all-round development of the individual and towards this we host several HR training and development sessions, self-improvement and knowledge sharing workshops, etc.
  5. The rewards: Qube Cinema definitely offers you a remuneration and benefits package that matches the best in the industry but there are some perks that hold us apart.

The company perspective:

  1. Leaders in technology: Ours is an organization that has paved commendable roads in the digital technology arena for over 20 years, building on our ample repertoire and strengthening our market presence all the while. Working with Qube Cinema means working with a company that knows what its doing and where its going, and we are taking you along with us on this pioneering journey.
    International presence: We have multiple offices in India and satellite offices in Europe and the USA. Our products and services have earned loyal clients across Portugal, Canada, Puerto Rico, Kuwait and more. We participate in tradeshows and exhibitions all year round and you get to be a part of the action, the recognition and the satisfaction of knowing you work with Qube Cinema.
  2. Teamwork: We have experienced rapid expansion in existing and new markets in the past few years and this is courtesy our passionate team – the team that has made us number one in everything we have done until now – in Avid, DTS and Digidesign with Tech Marketing; as a renowned studio with Media Artists; as an effective advertising production house with JS Films. You can be a part of all that.
  3. The future: Our products are sought after across the globe. Qube Cinema has merited much acclaim in the media as also international investment and interest. We are now taking on the challenging task of converting our potential into a position of leadership in India and across of the world. In this endeavor, we treasure individuals who will transform that vision into reality.