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Ray Projectors for Non-DCI Applications

Ray Projectors

Until now, virtually every projector used for non-DCI digital cinema has been repurposed from other applications such as rental and staging or home theatre. Projectors meant for multiple applications necessarily had additional features that were totally redundant in the cinema. Worse still, such general purpose projectors, that were jacks of all trades, were indeed masters of none.

But all that has changed. Ray is a brand that is dedicated to digital cinema and digital cinema alone. From a company that is passionate about cinema and has decades of experience in _lm, audio and video, comes an exclusive E-Cinema line consisting of the Ray Photon 720P and the Ray Luxon 1080P projectors.

The 1080P Ray Luxon is the leader in its class and raises the image quality bar in the E-Cinema space while maintaining the reliability, price and performance advantages that Ray projectors are well known for. The 720P Ray Photon continues its reign as the price-performance leader in the E-Cinema market. With a high contrast ratio and excellent brightness coupled with HDCP compliant HDMI inputs, the 3-chip DLP Ray Luxon and Ray Photon projectors rede_ne E-Cinema projection.

Download the Ray Brochure (PDF) - 811KB