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QubeMaster Xport

Qube Master XportThe most recent addition to the QubeMaster line of DCP mastering tools, QubeMaster Xport provides a Digital Cinema Package (DCP) creation solution for Final Cut Studio users. Built on Qube’s proven QubeMaster Pro technology, QubeMaster Xport provides filmmakers, post houses, and pre-show content creators a seamless workflow from editing through finishing and DCP mastering.

A fully functional watermarked demo version of QubeMaster Xport is available from the Downloads section below.

  • Plug-in for Compressor version 4.2
  • Works within the Compressor application, utilizing a 64-bit encoding pipeline
  • Multi-threaded architecture takes full advantage of multi-core CPUs
  • Colour Space Conversion to XYZ and capability to apply custom 3D LUTs
  • Allows Final Cut Pro 7, Final Cut Pro X & Avid Media Composer Mac users to create DCPs at a fraction of the cost of alternative solutions
  • Complete Compressor feature set is available to create DCPs, including batch processing of user-defined DCP profiles
  • DCP profiles can also be saved as Compressor Droplets, providing the ease and efficiency of drag-and-drop mastering of any sequence
  • All formats supported by Compressor such as Apple ProRes, Red, XDCAM and many others – including stereoscopic 3D content – can be mastered to 2K and 4K DCPs
  • QubeMaster Xport creates DCPs with a single Composition containing one Picture Track File and one Sound Track File
  • Base product supports 2K DCPs and options are available to support Stereoscopic 3D and 4K DCPs
  • QubeMaster Xport 2.5 supports the creation of SMPTE format DCPs
  • QubeMaster Xport 2.5 incorporates enhanced performance, leading to vastly improved encoding speeds and reduced encoding time.
  • QubeMaster Xport 2.5 supports Encryption and KDM generation through (free upgrade for all existing users)
  1. Intel-based Apple Mac system with Apple Compressor software version 4.2.
  2. Mac OS X 10.11.4 or earlier (El Capitan)

Download Software Click to download QubeMasterXport software (for Mac). This is a fully functional version of the software, the only limitation is a visible watermark of the Qube Logo on all encoded content. A purchased license will activate the software with a serial number that removes the watermark.
Version (DMG) - (June 2016) NEW

Download documentation

  • QubeMaster Xport 2.0 Screenshot 1 - Compressor
  • QubeMaster Xport 2.0 - Screenshot 2
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