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Continuing Collaboration Has Provided Italian Installation Company with Servers for over 250 Screens 

Florence, Italy--March 15, 2013 - Qube Cinema continues to work with the Italian digital cinema service provider, Microcinema, to supply its D-cinema servers and Integrated Media Blocks (IMBs) to theaters throughout Italy. Since 2008, the partners have installed the Qube XP-D and XP-I servers in over 250 theaters. Due to this ongoing collaboration, cinema owners in Italy have equipment providing them with access to a wide array of digital content, including Microcinema’s vast library of movies, as well as live and recorded events.


Qube XP-I Server and Xi Integrated Media Blocks Used at Wellington and London Premieres


Dual Projector, 4K 3D and HFR Technology Leader Now DCI Compliant

Burbank, CA: Dec. 11, 2012… Qube Cinema announced that its XP-I digital cinema server and Xi 4K Integrated Media Block (IMB) have passed the DCI Compliance Test Plan (CTP). The high performance, security and reliability of the XP-I and Xi IMB have been confirmed by these tests. This server-IMB combination accommodates 4K resolution and is the ultimate setup for high frame rate (HFR) exhibition, making it essential for today’s digital cinema.


New GUI Provides Simple Remote Operation for all Qube Digital Cinema Servers

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ShowEast 2012, Booth # 920 Nov. 5-8, 2012

Hollywood, FL: Nov. 1, 2012... Qube Cinema will introduce QubeTouch, a new graphical user interface (GUI) that works with all of its digital cinema servers, at ShowEast next week. QubeTouch is an interactive server interface that uses either a web-based or Android app. As a result, theatre managers and projectionists now have a reliable, intuitive and interactive way to monitor their shows.


State-of-the-Art 4K 3D System for Films and Alternative Content Installed at Peoria Riverfront Museum

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Qube Cinema recently supplied its XP-I server and Xi 4K Integrated Media Blocks (IMBs) for Global Immersion’s first GSX giant flat screen theater installed at the Peoria Riverfront Museum (PRM) in Illinois. This 4K 3D system brings the world’s highest resolution digital giant screen display to the newly opened theater. This is the first installation of the 4K by 3K GSX giant screen cinema system, providing visitors to the museum with the immersive experience afforded by stunning 3D digital imagery.


Dual Projector System Opens Up Opportunities for Digital Conversions

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Giant Screen theaters are rapidly converting to digital cinema and at the GSCA Conference later this month in Sacramento, CA visitors can see the latest technology from Qube Cinema. The Qube XP-I server will stream a single high bit-rate 4K 3D DCP through two Qube Xi 4K Integrated Media Blocks (IMBs) in two Barco DP4K-23B projectors. This high bit-rate, 4K 3D projection from a single DCP through a single server greatly simplifies exhibition for Giant Screen theaters.


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Giant-screen 4K 3D, server upgrades, high frame and even higher bit rates, high-speed Ethernet interface on IMBs, laser demos, software updates, another DCI certification: From Burbank, California, to Barcelona, Spain, and from Las Vegas, Nevada, to Mumbai, India, it has been a busy time for Qube Cinema (


With Qube technology, cinema-goers will get to enjoy stunning 2-D and 3-D experience that’s on par with Hollywood. Anti-piracy features, world class sound quality and global content availability characterise the latest cinematic system in Malaysia. It is the Qube Digital Cinema System which provides stunning 2-D and 3-D experience on the big screen. The Qube system, from the United States and widely used in India, reflects a passion for cinema and a thorough understanding of film, audio, video and computer technology. Besides superior image brightness, sharpness, colour range, contrast and sound, it saves cinematic costs of up to 60 per cent compared to conventional cinema.


Simplifying 4K Review for Postproduction with the Quad 3G Interface

IBC 2012, Hall 7 - stand 7.F45 Qube Cinema will show visitors to IBC how its Quad 3G interface for digital cinema projectors facilitates digital intermediate and D-cinema mastering workflows. The Qube Xi IMB can stream uncompressed 4K data, as well as compressed DCP images, directly to a projector through a 4K Xi Integrated Media Block (IMB) featuring the Quad 3G interface. Post facilities can now use the same server-projector setup for both HD-4K uncompressed color grading and 2K-4K digital cinema playback for comprehensive review and quality control.


Qube Digital Cinema System already adopted by 30 cinemas here and this could increase ten-fold

A NEW digital cinema mastering service from the United Kingdom, called Qube Digital Cinema System in two-dimensional (2D) and three-dimensional (3D) formats, has already been adopted by 30 cinemas in Malaysia and the expectations are that eventually up to 300 cinemas here will do so.
The system was officially launched on Tuesday at the National Film Development Corporation Malaysia (Finas) in Ampang, Selangor.

Distributed by D’Cinema Sdn Bhd and supported by Finas, the system comes with 5.1 Sound Digital Technology mastering facilities and offers products that are innovative, powerful, reliable and cost-effective for local producers and film-makers.