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Demonstrating Standalone Software for Preview and Quality Control of DCPs

Qube Cinema will introduce QubeMaster Preview, its standalone software application for previewing DCPs, at CineEurope in Barcelona, June 24-27. QubeMaster Preview allows DCPs, mastered from any source, to be viewed on a PC.

Postproduction studios, independent filmmakers and mastering facilities now have an affordable way to preview and QC their mastered DCPs.


Digital Cinema Manufacturer Establishes Technical Support Presence for Cinema Owners

Melbourne, Australia: May 7, 2013. . . Qube Cinema announced the appointment of Lewis Thorne as their official Level 2 technical support specialist for Australia and New Zealand. Thorne brings many years of experience in the digital cinema industry to his new position, strengthening Qube’s presence in the region. Users of Qube Cinema’s digital cinema servers, Integrated Media Blocks (IMBs), and postproduction mastering and distribution products now have full local technical support.


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Qube Cinema concluded an agreement with d-cinema services and content provider Microcinema to supply servers and integrated media blocks to movie theatres throughout Italy. Since 2008, the two companies have installed Qube XP-D servers and, more recently, Qube XP-I servers (with Xi IMBs for full 4K playback and HFR 3D) in more than 250 locations, which are all linked via a dedicated bidirectional satellite line. Microcinema delivers films and HD alternative content and has facilitated no less than 28,000 screenings and 46,000 hours of satellite transmission ( FJI April 2012).


Deployment of over 3,000 DCI-certified projectors scheduled over the next three years

Real Image Media Technologies (RIMT) has recently entered into a strategic partnership with Barco in India. The first 700 units are scheduled for installation during the first year, with deliveries starting in May 2013. Over the next three years, 3,000 DCI-compliant Barco projectors are expected to be deployed in theaters across India.


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The old-world charm of conventional film making is fast being replaced by digital filmmaking. One of the many advocates at the helm of this change, Mr.Senthil Kumar, co-founder QUBE Cinema, an REC Alumnus, speaks with us about QUBE, Pulse 72+ and why digital filmmaking is the next best thing.

1. I know you run a digital based enterprise. But 5 quick reasons why digital filmmaking over conventional film?


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Faster Digital Cinema Mastering in an Affordable Package for Mac OS X Users 

Burbank, CA: Apr. 8, 2013… Qube Cinema will present the new version of QubeMaster Xport at the National Association of Broadcasters trade show in Las Vegas, April 8-11. QubeMaster Xport 2.0 offers powerful multithreaded CPU optimization with Qube's proven 64-bit encoding pipeline and support for SMPTE DCPs on the Mac OS X platform. With QubeMaster Xport 2.0, Apple Compressor users can now experience faster than real-time encoding of 2K DCPs and greatly accelerate the speed of 4K DCP mastering.


Provides a Seamless Connection Between the Camera and the Big Screen


Delivering Uncompressed 4K Projection to Postproduction Facilities


Single-Server Setup Enhances Viewing Experience on Giant Screen

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Galveston, TX...Mar 19, 2013 - Qube Cinema installed its single-server 4K 3D system at Moody Gardens in advance of the GSCA Film Expo and Digital Symposium happening now in Galveston, Texas. The single Qube XP-I server delivers 4K stereoscopic imagery to two Barco 4K projectors each with its own embedded Qube Xi 4K Integrated Media Block (IMB). Moody Gardens now joins the ranks of giant screen theaters in North America with 4K 3D capabilities, offering visitors stunning stereo digital imagery.