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Qube Wire: Maximum screens, minimum cost, Monday, 1 August 2016

Only change is permanent. And the film industry is a standing example for this, witnessing revolutionary changes in the form of technology.

From silent cinema to talkies, then from black & white to colour, reels to digital filmmaking, 3D, photo realistic and motion capture - Kollywood stands a witness to all this.

And one major change filmdom saw recently was the way films were released. Gone are those days when reel prints were manually distributed by individuals. Then came qube where the prints were transferred using expensive hard disks or via satellite. But now arrives Qube wire.

The brainchild of Qube Cinema, this technology debuted with the release of 'Kabali'. And as it was promised, it managed the movie reach over 18,500 screens across 30 countries.

Says Senthil Kumar, co-founder, Qube Cinema, "Nothing is more special than introducing a revolutionary technology with a Rajinikanth film. We had our entire staff working on 'Kabali'. You can’t take a chance with a Rajini film."

A digital projection, this new web-based key management system makes exhibiting films easy for producers, he adds.

For his part, Jatendra Panchapakesan, another co-founder of Qube Cinema, says, "Qube Wire is a powerful online key management and reporting service for digital cinema distribution, allowing filmmakers to quickly generate as many Key Delivery Messages (KDMs) as required for their encrypted Digital Cinema Package (DCPs) by accessing a comprehensive database of over 1,30,000 server certificates and cinema theatres that is continuously updated through strategic partners and crowdsourcing."

"This comprehensive database is invaluable for content owners, independent filmmakers, distributors and people involved in post-production, who will no longer have to search for server certificates," he said.

"In future, the entire film can be uploaded on cloud. This could eliminate the need for distributors to physically transfer films using expensive hard disks or via satellite. It will cut costs by half," he explained.

According to him, "Qube Wire is protected by hardware security modules and verifies the certificate chain so only devices from authorised manufacturers can be added to the public theatre database."

According to Gopal Balaji, a colorist in K'town, "This is one of the first kind towards online deployment of the content and licence key management. This will be of a great help to producers who have invested a lot in their projects."

"Licensing of their films to theatres comes into the hands of producers under Qube Wire technology. Though the content is uploaded in qube to be shown in theatres, eventually, it could be given to cinema halls only if the producers give licence through online access to Qube Cinema's website. Since a large database is available, they can add more screens till the last minute of the movie's release," he adds.


Fans of Rajinikanth came together to celebrate at a special screening of 'Kabali' in Woodlands Theatre on Sunday. Though it was the 10th day of the movie's release, yet the ardent fans made it resemble that of a first day first show.

Paal abhishekams, bursting of crackers, distribution of sweets were performed. The houseful show saw the film's director Pa Ranjith interacting with fans. A group of IT professionals took the centrestage dancing to Rajinikath's songs outside the cinema hall and broke coconuts too.