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QUBE: A Server For Your Wildest 3D Dreams

Qube Cinema will demonstrate the high-frame-rate (HFR) and high-bit-rate (HBR) capabilities of its Qube XP-I server and the assiciated Qube Xi Integrated Media Block (IMB) at CineEurope Booth 301 (June 18-21, 2012) in Barcelona, Spain.

A single Qube XP-I server playing a single DCP can now drive a combined 240 frames per second stereoscopic 3D projection, sending 120 fps to each eye through two Qube Xi IMBs installed in two projectors. With throughput to play back up to 1,000 Mbps, a single Qube XP-I server is capable of multi-media blocks sync, delivering 4K content to two Qube Xi IMBs in two projectors, with both images in perfect frame synchronisation.

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4K 3D High Frame Rate

These HFR and HBR advances, along with the ability of a single Qube XP-I server to synchronise two projectors, means that 4K 3D projection on giant screens is a reality today,” said Nigel Dennis, director of marketing and sales for Qube in Europe. “The Qube XP-I server and Xi IMBs were used to complete the first giant screen installation of a 4K 3D system just three months ago to widespread acclaim. Now any giant screen theater can show 4K 3D with this impressive image quality.

High Frame Rate is Coming

High frame rate cinema is on the horizon. Peter Jackson is shooting The Hobbit at 48 fps and James Cameron has signaled his intention to shoot Avatar 2 and 3 at high-frame rates. 

As the urgency to install high-frame capable gerar in cinemas grows, companies such asQube Cinema are providing usable solutions, even on the largest screens.

As reported at Stereoscopy News