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The digital experience

With Qube technology, cinema-goers will get to enjoy stunning 2-D and 3-D experience that’s on par with Hollywood. Anti-piracy features, world class sound quality and global content availability characterise the latest cinematic system in Malaysia. It is the Qube Digital Cinema System which provides stunning 2-D and 3-D experience on the big screen. The Qube system, from the United States and widely used in India, reflects a passion for cinema and a thorough understanding of film, audio, video and computer technology. Besides superior image brightness, sharpness, colour range, contrast and sound, it saves cinematic costs of up to 60 per cent compared to conventional cinema.

D’Cinema Sdn Bhd is the local distributor and seller of Qube cinema technology. Its chief executive officer Ravi Maraz says D’Cinema holds the rights and full facilities of the Qube system and aims to install 2-D and 3-D systems in 150 to 300 cinemas in the next three years. “We plan to have 150 cinemas with Qube by next year. Right now, there are about 30,” he says, adding that the major cinema chains have state-of-the-art systems which are compatible with Qube.

Maraz, a popular filmmaker of home-grown Tamil cinema, says Qube is used by the Lotus cinema chain. “The technology is from Real Image, a media technology company from India,” says Maraz, who was previously associated with radio programmes on THR Raaga. “Real Image is India’s leading provider of film technology and has pioneered innovations over the last 25 years.” He is happy that the National Film Development Corporation (Finas) is fully supportive of Qube technology. “Finas has given us the greenlight to share the technology with all Malaysian filmmakers.

“Qube is compatible with the government’s campaign to boost local filmmaking and make Malaysia a producer of world class films,” says Maraz. He says Digital Cinema wants to give viewers a new cinema experience that is on par with Hollywood. “Movie production is increasingly becoming digital and many movies are now available only in digital versions. Qube is all about 3-D, so when content is available in 3-D, our servers are ready to deliver it to viewers,” he says.
Finas director-general Naguib Abdul Razak hails Qube as technology that creates a seamless world of digital cinema.

“It is a powerful, reliable and cost-effective product that will help realise the global reach of local films,” he says.  “It is timely to ‘convert’ to digital cinema so that our films in various languages can go international.” Naguib says Qube has proven its success in the United States, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Australia and South Asia with 2,500 cinemas. “More than 4,500 cinemas have Qube and are thriving,” he says.

Deputy Information, Communication and Culture Minister Datuk Maglin D’Cruz launched the Qube technology at the P Ramlee Mini Theatre in Finas’ Merdeka Studio Complex, Jalan Hulu Klang, Ampang Jaya. It was attended by Naguib, Maraz, Real Image chief executive officer Arvind Ranganathan and Murthee.

As seen on New Straits Times, August 2011