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Qube excels as Digital Cinema Partner at 66th Venice International Film Festival

Qube XP-D servers equip all screens at the Venice Lido

Qube Cinema is pleased to announce that its exclusive partnership with the 66th Venice International Film Festival was, again, a major success. Qube was the official digital cinema server and digital cinema mastering equipment supplier for the second consecutive year. The festival, organized by La Biennale di Venezia, took place at the Venice Lido from September 2 to September 12, 2009.

Qube Cinema digitally equipped all seven screens at the venue along with local Qube distributor, D2. In collaboration with the projector partner, Qube Cinema/D2 provided all the necessary equipment and technical support to ensure successful DCI JPEG2000 digital cinema playback during the festival.

Mr. Angelo D’Alessio, Festival Technical Coordinator said, "Your machines and people did a fantastic job. Very professional and great team work. Thank you for the extraordinary help your company is giving here!"

Over 300 hours of digital cinema content was projected using the Qube XP-D digital cinema server, including stereoscopic 3D content, as a part of the Festivals program and also at this years SMPTE day. Qube Cinema also mastered on-site, from a number of sources using the powerful and flexible QubeMaster Pro application.

“We are delighted at being chosen for the second year as the official Digital Cinema Partner. The 66th Festival was a huge success for Qube. It helped demonstrate the reliability and the flexibility of the XP-D server in handling the huge amounts of digital content screened at this prestigious festival.” said Nigel Dennis, Head-European Business Operations at Qube Cinema.

The Qube XP-D digital cinema server, which was used to equip the screens, is a popular choice across the world. Powerful, reliable and cost-effective, the Qube XP-D plays multiple formats including JPEG2000, MPEG-2 and VC1 within the same Show. 

Qube Cinema also showcased QubeMaster Pro again this year. Rapidly becoming an industry standard for DCI JPEG2000 DCP creation, QubeMaster Pro is used by some of the leading companies in the industry including Sony Pictures, Dreamworks, Technicolor, IMAX, Arts Alliance and Arri.